Let Mississippi Vote is a Sham

Let Mississippi Vote may say that their main concern is giving a voice back to the people of Mississippi. Their only concern is to bring back the 1894 flag and their initiative is designed in a way that they are ensuring it will win.

The intiative that they are proposing will feature 4 different flags, including the controversial 1894 flag. The reason they want 4 flags is they want to split the anti-1894 flag vote. The intiative will only require a flag to get at least 40% of the votes in order to win. Then it will be amended to the Mississippi constitution.

So we can see a situation where more people vote against a flag and that flag could still win. Then Mississippi will be stuck with a flag that features the battle flag that was used in a war over southern states seceding from the United States in order to protect the instituion of slavery. A symbol that has been used to intimidate African-Americans ever since.

This initiative must be stopped. It is imperative that Mississippi does not readopt the 1894 flag. We need a flag that represents ALL Mississippians.